“Walking” on the Couch

Over a year ago (!) I made this video for my song, Walking. The story she tells is true: the dining, the dancing, the back-talk, the insults, the glass shards, the curses, the whiskey, the stabbings. Wait. Maybe some of that is made up. But some dude did say some things that maybe shouldn’t have been said. Then a chick got out her ukulele.

This song has since been recorded by the illustrious Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band on their very own CD.


  1. Interesting that you wrote this one a while ago. I would have guessed that “Walking,” as well as the other later ones on the album (Selene, While the Wind Blows, and Want You All the Time) were more recent, making a roughly chronological ordering of the album. In words, maybe progressing towards a sort of “mature equanimity” in the feel of those songs? Well, if not, maybe we can hope for more new fun silly songs. Love those! But let’s stick with “Walking” for a moment: I’ve had the opinion that in order for music to be really good, it has to be a complementary mix of joy and sorrow, and “Walking” has that for me. Then again, there’s not much sorrowful about “Soap Floats,” or joyful about Jared’s “Nobody Came,” and I like those too. –Fred (The guy who sometimes attends your shows with the two troublesome kids)

  2. Hey Fred! Yeah, the three songs you mentioned are more recent compositions. It’s hard to say whether or not I’ll “mature” out of writing silly songs—I can’t seem to find a consistent pattern looking back, mentally. And I feel like Irish music is the perfect blend of joy and sorrow, like you mentioned, which is probably why I love it so much.

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