Walking: a new video from the Happy Gland Band

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The Happy Gland Band coffers have been stretched to the breaking point with the production costs of this, our moste recente videoe creatione, soaring to nearly twenty dollars. Times are tight, so we had to cut away a bit of the retro avocado green fabric from the walls of the Happy Gland dirigible, revealing a panel that we carefully prised away, revealing our glowing stash of emegency nickels. After carefully counting the coins, we took them to a vast and horrible climate controlled building with flourescent lighting, in the center of which laid a  monstrous machine that chewed our coins, swallowed them, and spat them out in a suprizingly neat and tidy, altogether mostly unrumpled paper form. It’s a marvelous beast, really.

After that we were able to purchase with ease the appropriate materials: the posterboard in colorful colors, the archival quality construction paper, the dinosaur-like birds, the cat-like doggish creature, the horse tranquilizers, the mold farm; all from a vast, horrible, climate controlled building run by a multinational corporate conglomerate. (Because we here at the Happy Gland Band deal with quality, and quality alone. Except when we’re dealing with a pile of nickels that have been spat out into a smaller pile of paper bills, which somehow function as “money.”)

What came next? The excrutiating process of set-building, of construction-paper-cutting, of coffee-drinking, of glue-sticking. Of making one of these out of legos. Of turning the camera on and turning it off. Of noodling one’s fingers in an enticing way. A repulsive way. A jaunty way. A shashaying way. A Fosse way! Of charging the camera, exhausted by such noodlings, jauntings, and shashayings. Of climbing onto to the table and jumping off of the table.

Of making a music video, in other words, for goodness’ sake. We are musicians, here in the Happy Gland Band. Music is what we do. Watch us, doing that music. Doing it hard.

But not until we carefully place the secret panel back in the walls of the Happy Gland Dirigible and cover it with the fastidiously repaired avocado green upholstery, securing the rest of our Happy Gland Savings in safety. For use in the making of our next blockbuster Oscar-winning video performance.

Walking - Sage Harrington

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