Video of Sage’s set opening for Nellie McKay, plus somuchnews.

Sage and Jared's Happy Gland Band - Sage Harrington

Last week was the culmination of something that, as you may have noticed on social media, I had been freaking out about for weeks. I was a total disaster! I opened for Nellie McKay at the Outpost (and—spoiler alert—it was amazing, so much fun). But I was really nervous leading up to it. I begged Neal Copperman (of AMP Concerts) to let me do it. And he did! I couldn’t believe it. I just let myself get so amped up (an appropriate reaction, based on the name of the promoter, yes?) in anticipation of the show.

I really love playing at the Outpost. People were so responsive and kind and warm and lovely and laughed at my awkward jokes and it was a really great, energizing experience. Ahhhh, when can we do the next one, Neal? 😉

Jared, lovely man that he is, set up the tripod and our nice camera and recorded my set. And it’s up on YouTube now!

Sage Harrington - Nellie McKay

Another thing that added to my recent amped-up nervous stressfest is that Jared Putnam and I will be moving across town soon! We’re so not ready yet. We need more boxes and more newspaper and probably more mojitos to make all the stuff go into all of the correct receptacles.

Here’s a cool thing: the place we’re moving to has a yard that the chickens (ooh and the people, too!) will be able to hang out in, which will just be such an improvement. A great feature. Right now they spend their days in the neighbor’s abandoned lot, and while we’re grateful for that and all, we’ve never felt compelled to make some sort of rum and limeade drink and hang out in the neighbor’s abandonded lot to watch the chickens peck at things. #it’sahardknocklifeforus <—privilege

So, come June 8 we’ll be sweaty and hauling stuff up 8th street and just wishing we were still putting stuff into all the boxes, drinking the mojitos. (By the way, here is a nice mojito recipe, in podcast form.)

And after that we’ll be able to make something of the new songs we’ve been promising to you. Shhh: we’ve started recording new things! And the first mix sounds so exciting!

Ah… and now that I’m emotionally ready to talk about it, Jared Israel Putnam​ and I attempted to shoot a music video today but our attempts were futile at best. We encountered problems: the sun shining, the wind blowing, the dust storms. Rain. Hissy fits (mine). Oh, and cops. We were afraid of the cops potentially talking to us. Going out into the world to shoot a music video? Not always a pursuit with the most predictable outcomes. So we’ll wait until after the sweaty moving day to try once more.

But today wasn’t totally lost. Jared Putnam gave me a haircut with the dog clippers again, which was exciting at first, terrifying in the middle, then proved to be one of the best things that happened today. I tried to take a good selfie but abandoned that pursuit as well so just suffice it to say that I’m basically Pink now and will soon have no choice but to perform at the Grammys, simultaneously singing and doing aerials. #nextvideo

Ahhhh, I just can’t wait to share the new music with you. But we gotta pack these boxes first.

With love and fruity rum drinks,
Sage xoxo


    1. Hey, Greg! Thanks so much for the compliment! And I’ve really been enjoying the podcast, thanks for making it. 😉

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