Tonight You Belong to Me – ukulele cover

My uke arrangement is based off that sweet version Zooey Deschanel and Ben Schwartz did. But I am only one person, so I did both parts.

I love all these old songs, even though I don’t love the concept of “owning” a person in a romantic or any other sense. Unhealthy? #feminism Anyhow here’s to secret affairs, romance and intrigue !

If you have the funds please consider joining me on this song-recording journey on Patreon. You can join on a sliding scale basis (anything from 1$ a month to $10,000 a month 😉 ) and you can cancel at any time. I know most people’s incomes are uncertain right now so if it’s not possible for you I totally understand and know that my songs will be here, available for free for all to enjoy. I’m considering writing up tabs and charts for some of these songs if there is interest. Let me know. And see you on Patreon.



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