The Net – poem by Sara Teasdale, music by me

Ah, The Net! On the album I made with Meredith Wilder (Beautiful William’s “There Will Come Soft Rains) this track turned out like a dreamy demented carnival ride. Hopefully that comes across here as well.

I love a Sara Teasdale poem.

“I made you many and many a song
Yet never one told all you are
It was as though a net of words
Were flung to catch a star;

It was as though I curved my hand
And dipped sea water eagerly
Only to find it lost the blue
Dark splendor of the sea.”

I love her beautiful representation of the artist’s struggle to capture what is ultimately uncapturable. Even if it is not exactly the poem Sara Teasdale was trying to write, I think it is perfect. <3

In other news yesterday in a lesson a kid told me that I… can I remember the exact wording? That I looked “deranged and little bit emotionally disturbed,” and I’m like yeah, kid! Thanks for noticing. Hah! This is me on quarantine life. How many of ya still consider yourself in quarantine? Please tell me if you are, apparently it’s written all over my face that I still am. #longhaul


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Lots of love,


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