Take Me – a George Jones cover

I learned this one because Len asked me to. I was soooo pleasantly surprised by this song because 1) I have not ever been a George Jones fan (sorry, I am sorry) and 2) it’s unusual that I like the songs that people ask me to cover (again, I apologize). So when I listened to this very particular version of George Jones singing this song I was taken aback when I loved it, absolutely loved it. It’s just such a sweet and magical and intimate and lovely performance by him. I love the softness, the closeness, the precision, the quietness with which he sings. I understand now in a way I never have before what people love about him. There’s something contained and beautiful and delicate about his approach–nothing flashy, nothing showy, nothing over the top. I just love it and was so inspired by it and needed to record it here. I’m not sure I totally captured his reserved sort of sweetness but I like the results anyway.

Here is Mr. Jones’s very sweet very lovely version of this song.

And if you’ve made it this far, I’ll now invite you to please ask me to cover things. Because sometimes I find I am open to suggestion. Hah!

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