St Paddy’s Day Livestream Concert

Edit: if you’re watching the show after the livestream ended, that’s fine! Just hit play. The music starts at 5 minutes in.

Happy St Paddy’s Day! Hope you enjoy the show. If you’d like to send me some cash for your “ticket,” please Venmo me @Sage-Harrington.

I also have a Patreon page where I upload music videos about once a month.

Stay safe, stay healthy, sending lots of love your way <3


  1. Our daughter Naima told us about your livestream concert. It was wonderful. Thank you for making my St Paddy’s day feel special!


    1. Hi Dana! I am so glad that Nai sent the word along! What a gal what a gal! Thanks so much for joining me, I had a great time as well <3

  2. Your show was awesome! This is Anne Harrison, Val and Dave’s neighbor. So glad they told me about it. It made St. Patrick’s Day! ?

    1. Thanks so much Anne! I am so glad you enjoyed it. Hope to see you online again! I am planning on doing more of these in future. 😉

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