Soap Floats – original song on charango

Now what is that cute little instrument featured here, you may ask? It is my friend charango and she is so sweet. A Bolivian/Andean instrument also known as the super ukulele. She is loud. She is brash. She is here to be heard and she is not kidding around. And I love her! She has ten strings in total, grouped in pairings, tuned GCEAE, similar to the ukulele. But there’s not reentrant tuning like in the standard soprano ukulele. Rather, the middle pair of E strings are tuned an octave apart. I have a lot of instruments and I love them all and this is one I really want to spend more time with. So it’s nice to revisit this song I wrote probably a decade ago and play it on a different instrument.

But onto this song: I wrote it because the first word in the title of the movie “Hope Floats” (which I don’t think I’ve ever seen actually) rhymes with “soap,” and I thought it would be funny to claim that all soap floats when clearly not all soap floats.

One last thing: this past week I have been obsessed with rereading The Hunger Games trilogy and when I am done here I am going to sink back into the third book of that trilogy because I just can’t get enough of that adrenaline-fueled thrill ride. It is really really working for me to use these books as a reward for doing these recordings. So satisfying. I’m so excited for the weekend (I give myself the weekends off) because what will be in store? I’m so happy you asked! I’ll finish the third book and then probably watch all the movies. Anyone down for a virtual Hunger Games movie night? Or day? lmk <3


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