Sage Reads to You

Sage’s secret family and friends audiobook recording of Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.

Chapter 1

In which Sophie talks to hats

Chapter 2

In which Sophie is compelled to seek her fortune

Chapter 3

In which Sophie enters into a castle and a bargain

Chapter 4

In which Sophie discovers several strange things

Chapter 5

Which is far too full of washing

Chapter 6

In which Howl expresses his feelings in green slime

Chapter 7

In which a scarecrow prevents Sophie from leaving the castle

Chapter 8

In which Sophie leaves the castle in several directions at once

Chapter 9

In which Michael has trouble with a spell

Chapter 10

In which Calcifer promises Sophie a hint

Chapter 11

In which Sage gets bogged down and confused with all the different Welsh characters

I mean

In which Howl goes to a strange country in search of a spell

And we’re halfway through!

Chapter 12

In which Sophie becomes Howl’s old mother

Chapter 13

In which Sophie blackens Howl’s name

Chapter 14

In which a Royal Wizard catches a cold

Chapter 15

In which Howl goes to a funeral in disguise

Chapter 16

In which there is a great deal of witchcraft

Chapter 17

In which the moving castle moves house

Chapter 18

In which the scarecrow and Miss Angorian reappear

Chapter 19

In which Sophie expresses her feelings with weed-killer

Chapter 20

In which Sophie finds further difficulties in leaving the castle

Chapter 21

In which a contract is concluded before witnesses