Recent improvements to the Happy Gland Dirigible, plus the benefits of working for the environment

From the Happy Gland Dirigible

Jared and I have been rushing around like crazy people trying to insulate the Happy Gland Dirigible with enough straw to keep it warm for the winter. No plastic sheeting or double-sided tape for us, no! We do things the old fashioned way, with crispy shafts of dead wheats. Little piles here, little piles there—it keeps blowing around every time we open the doors and the chickens keep coming inside, nestling into the piles as though they belong there. It’s quite bothersome, really, but cute.

When they sit in front of the right places, it almost stops some of the drafts. Chicken-chinking of dirigible walls. It’s a thing. Yes, we’ve invented it. (And by “we” I mean the feathery miniature dinosaurs.)

A Change of Heart

On Halloween, Jared and I decided to let our hair down for once. No longer would we be the stiff, boring, awkward versions of ourselves that we pretend to be for the sake of making real life run more smoothly. (For being showered with joy and adoration each time you go into public can be quite time-consuming.) We would be something bolder—more daring!—more colorful than what we normally are. We would go to the local shooting range and have chats with the patrons about the benefits of gun control! No, we would don wigs and set the camera rolling.

And we’re playing a show tomorrow

Have you ever considered a career in the environment? While working for the environment, you not only get the satifaction of battling seemingly intractable forces of terrifying destruction, you also get to see Sage and Jared play music. At the right sorts of eco-conferences, of course!

We’ll be at the Embassy Suites here in Albuquerque for the Quivira Coalition‘s shindig tomorrow, Thursday evening.

Warmly yours,

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