Pretty Bird – an original played on a 1920s Martin soprano uke

My baby is back! My little 1920s Martin soprano is having some issues and will probably have to go to the doctor at some point but for right now she has new strings and is totally playable and I am so excited to have her back. Expect to see more of her here!

I wrote this song as a response to the idea that performing artists aren’t supposed to be “political,” or at least political in a certain way. I was a kid and very much a fan of the Dixie Chicks when Natalie Maines made the comment that essentially destroyed her career: that they were ashamed that George Bush was from Texas. Of course now I recognize that the backlash she endured was #sexist and gross. So here’s to believing that people are allowed to have opinions, even the ones who sing for a living.

Support me as I go through this process of recording a few songs each week — some from my back catalog of originals, some from the golden jazz era arranged for ukulele, even some Abba tunes I can’t stop myself from playing. These videos will always be available for free online but if you want to support me you can do so for as little as $1/month on my Patreon. <3



  1. Hi Sage! We love you and miss seeing you guys in person. Our daughter will be 13 this weekend. She has a soft spot for the ukulele. By chance are you giving lessons? That would be cool! Thanks! Stevie

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