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Inspired by Ella Fitzgerald and Alison Krauss, Sage Harrington weaves her crystalline voice through the surprisingly rich backdrop of her ukulele playing, which is rooted deeply in the jazz and folk music of her upbringing.

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Sage Harrington is an inventive, playful singer and songwriter in love with swing music. Hailing from the USA, you can hear her deep love and appreciation of both jazz and American folk genres in her ukulele playing and singing. With a voice informed by the smooth vocal precision of Alison Krauss and the passionate swing of the great Ella Fitzgerald, Sage will have you singing along not only with the catchy gems of the 1920s, but also to the sweepingly beautiful melodies of her own compositions.

Moon Berries

Today, Sage Harrington tours internationally with Charlotte Pelgen and Ukulelezaza as Moon Berries, a exhilarating ukulele trio swinging in grandpa’s high-waisted pants. The Berries approach well-loved jazz standards with a gentle reverence, a full set of ukuleles, and a sense of humor, unearthing gems of songs written a lifetime ago while energizing the form with their own songwriting. Their playful arrangements have caught the attention of perspicacious listeners the world over. Their debut album, “What a Night for Moon Berries”—packed with tunes from the golden age of jazz—has already become a well-loved favorite of those who appreciate Charlotte and Sage’s precise ukulele playing and buttery smooth vocal harmonies that mix so beautifully, the two voices sometimes seem to merge into one.


High-res versions of these and more are available in this downloadable zip file


Sage’s songs are sturdy like the trees, ephemeral like the breeze.

“Very soft and comfortable voice.” —satisfied internet person

“Sublime…” —Ozge


press quotes

“Mit am Speil, Elan und Energie hellten sie [Sage und Charlotte] den Raum auf.” // “[Sage and Charlotte] brightened up the room with fun, enthusiasm, and energy,” —A. Mitrevski

Sage “is blessed with an antique sort of onstage personality which is charming and unselfconscious.” —Weekly Alibi

“Sage Harrington: She’s weirdly wonderful. Her music…seems a luxurious, curious oddity… Her voice is pure, full of formality and tight tonalities.” —Sonic Reducer

highlights and achievements

In 2022 and 2023, Sage was a featured performer in high-profile ukulele festivals and showcases across Europe:

In summer 2023, Sage will appear at these world-famous ukulele festivals and cult music showcases:

Sage traveled across the Atlantic to convince her favorite ukulele crushes on the internet to make a ukulele swing band with her: and it worked.


Sage opened for ukulele player, vintage crooner, writer of piercing lyrics, and general dreamboat Nellie McKay

In a news story about how it got so cold that a constantly-shorts-wearing mailman finally had to finally put on long pants, Sage’s song I Am Gonna Put Some Pants On was featured in an episode of NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

In the most Portlandia thing ever, Sage helped her food-truck owning friend write and record a song wooing back the writer of a One Star Review

The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico awarded Sage’s band the highest bestowable honor on an cold and unexpectedly snowy March Sunday: the one and only Best Busker city tricentennial oil lamp

It can be verified that, yes, that lady playing ukulele in the park over there is, in fact, the one who sang her ukulele songs on YouTube with her pet rat on her shoulder

In 2022, Sage was scheduled to play in a castle and while the venue was switched last-minute to a cozy warm living room for logistical reasons, as an American this still feels v. special to her

Wowee, she made all these albums, and completely independently, holy shit!

Previous Work

Having made the high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico her home for many years, Sage nurtured special musical projects during her time there. As Beautiful William—a duo featuring dreamy vocal harmonies with the incomparable Meredith Wilder—the two wrote an album of hauntingly beautiful original music set to the lyrics of American poet Sara Teasdale.

The beloved, cheeky, award-winning duo Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band featured Harrington’s lighthearted lyrics, dancing vocals, and of course her ukulele. The group released two well-loved full-length albums of independently produced original music.

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phone: +49 163 1997997 (whatsapp / telegram)

Currently based in Leipzig, Germany