Post-Turkey-Binge CD-Buying Blowout Bonanza


This is a day where you maybe stuff a turkey, then stuff yourself. This is a day when we, the members of the Happy Gland Band, travel to do family stuff. This is also a day where we will most certainly not pressure you to BUY BUY BUY. We will not suggest you send an email over to sageharrington {at} gmail {dot} com, and we will most certainly not dangle the carrot of FREE SHIPPING to entice you to do so.

We would do nothing so crass. Not on this day of Thanksgiving. Not on the eve of this most Capitalist-friendly of seasons.

We also wouldn’t mention that our BRAND NEW CD, the fabulous and critically acclaimed Flooded Away, is priced at an UNBELIEVABLY AFFORDABLE $15, and that we’ll ship it to you for FREE FREE FREE.

But if you did want to send us an email ((sageharrington {at} gmail {dot} com)) we certainly wouldn’t advise against that, either.

Thankfully yours,
Sage and Jared


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