Pity, a song by Sara Teasdale and me

My pa has been working overtime producing, mixing, re-mixing my songs that we started recording last fall. That’s a whole album’s worth of tunes. Last month, when I retreated to my parents’ house from Albuquerque life amidst a global pandemic, I wanted to not only finish up that project but start a whole new one. My dad obliged and he’s been hard at work on the tunes ever since. This song will appear on the second album, to one of Sara Teasdale songs. Thanks, pa! Happy father’s day! <3

Sara Teasdale wrote beautiful poems in the early 1900s, and I have written music to a fair few of them. I love her poems. Here’s one of my favorites, Pity. I love this ongoing long-distance collaboration I have with her work.

Meet me tonight at my livestream concert? I’ll be going live at 7pm MT on my facebook feed and here at sageharrington.com. <3

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