My Favorite Ukulele Tutorial, So Far

I’ve watched more (bad) uke tutorials than I’d like to admit. All the hemming and hawing, all the discussion of how to refer to the strings (top to bottom? 1-2-3-4? 4-3-2-1? and no one ever seems to refer to the strings actual note names), and I mean, how many times do I need to be taught how to finger a C chord? I’ve got it. And let me now paraphrase the lovely Jared: some tutorials present an advanced song in the most beginner-y of terms, as though you’ve never picked up an instrument before. So let’s get real, here. You’re not gonna learn this right off the bat. 

The point is, I was very happy to discover this tutorial by Ukulelezaza, which is joyfully lacking in those characteristics. This is the perfect ukulele tutorial for the semi-intermediate-to-almost-advanced-beginner: just the song itself, really well-played, with an always-clear view of the fingerboard. The coolest thing about this tutorial is that you can start looking at all his other videos as tutorials as well, which I have. (This one and this one, for example! And this—it seems difficult.) I’m on a roll, here.


  1. Thanks for sharing these videos! I like checking out different tutorials as well. I’m glad you’ve found a learning style that suits you. Happy strumming my friend!

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