1. Hey there Sage, so great to hear your songs, lovely voice and the calming presentation. I enjoyed them all, I am really happy I don’t have to choose a favorite but if i did, I loved the one before Meadowlark and Meadow Lark, deep lyrics. Your creations are from the heart and it’s easy to see that “Music” is in you heart and soul. I could only hum along with “Tonight You belong To Me.” Extremely enjoyable. Your voice is so pure and soothing. I am going to listen to more of your concerts. You are beautiful and so gracious to share your talents with us. Sincerely Margaret Wright

    1. Hi Margaret! Thanks so much for your sweet compliments! You wrote this comment almost two months ago and I am just seeing it now so I don’t remember which song you are referring to but thank you so much! I’ll be putting another livestream on tomorrow (Sunday) evening, 7pm MT, maybe see you there?



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