Happy New Year from the Happy Glands!

sage and jared's happy gland band

What are you doing new year’s eve?

Merry holidays, happy solstice, greetings of the seasons, etcetera, y’all!

Hope the season is treating you well 😉 We’ve had just a fantabulous time celebrating Christmas this year.

We also had a great time recording this holiday classic jazz tune—which is the first time we’ve taken use of recording our very own 1970s player piano aka our vintage honky tonk piano.

And in other news, we’re really close to one of our milestone goals on Patreon! Jared and I love making music videos, and we so love that you guys pay us in cold hard cash every time we make one. It’s like having a job in music! It’s amazing!

We’re really close to our goal of making $75 per video. When we reach it, we’ll remove ads from our YouTube channel. Because they’re icky, and we want to be rid of them just as much as you do.

Best to you, lots of love, hope you’re eating lots of cookies if you’re into that sort of thing—
See ya in 2016—
Sage and Jared


(((here is a link to our Patreon page, where you can give us money for each cool video we make)))

(((((((here is a big fat hug from Jared and me)))))))

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