Dudes, we are getting ready for one big weekend.

Sage Harrington - Sage and Jared's Happy Gland Band

*deep breath*

Tomorrow before the Happy Gland Band heads over to the Albuquerque Folk Festival, we’ll do a music and storytime session with the lovely Laurie Magovern at the Lomas and Tramway Library. Then, back to the Balloon Fiesta Park for what will be a full day of fabulous folk music—we play at 4:30, inside the museum—culminating in what I’m most excited about seeing: a performance from The Handsome Family.

Then on Sunday we’ll hang out on Marble Brewery’s shady patio all afternoon and into the evening for Duopalooza! A full day of duos, ranging from duos who sing songs with emotions in them, to goofy duos, to raucous kickass duos, to duos that make a lot of fuckin’ noise.

And on Monday Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band is moving down the road! We’ve put most of our crap into boxes, I think, and made some pretty extensive lists of things to do which definitely won’t get done within the next few days. Ah, such is the way of life for musicians in the summer.

Not even panicking a little bit-ily yours,

DUOPALOOZA! Sage Harrington - Sage and Jared's Happy Gland Band

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