Desert Pools – a Sara Teasdale poem for ukulele

This is a song that appears on the beautiful (if I do say so myself) album I made with Meredith Wilder called “There Will Come Soft Rains.” It’s an album of Sara Teasdale poems we made into songs and I am pretty sure it is the one thing among all things I am proudest to have made. This project started in 2015 when Christy, Stef, Peri, Meredith, and I meant to head up to a Taos earthship for a weekend songwriting retreat of fun. The road up to Taos had been snowed out by the time we got to Santa Fe so instead we stayed in a luxurious Santa Fe vacation rental for the weekend and that’s when we decided we should sing songs that were 100 years old. Because of some savvy and/or fortuitous internet searches I came across Sara Teasdale’s poetry which I had never read before! We sat in a circle in one of the bedrooms and each sang one note as we passed around the handwritten paper upon which I had jotted down the poem. And that’s how we co-wrote this song! Weird method perhaps but it worked for us. Haha! Unfortunately I later realized I had failed to write down the FINAL VERSE of the poem so my lovely friends who I miss so much if you are listening to this wondering what the heck those extra lyrics are, mea culpa.

FWIW we did make it up to the Taos earthship a few months later and it was so fun. And we wrote more Sara Teasdale songs (or at least I did) and I can’t imagine my musical life without Sara Teasdale’s poetry in it.



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