For All Your (Decidedly Not Evil) Holiday Shopping Needs…

It’s the truth. That person who collects vintage kazoos in all keys, has every electronic gadget, and ten mewling cats to boot, probably does not have (and doesn’t even realize she needs) an anatomically correct model of the Happy Gland.

Avoid buying crap from evil corporate entities!

Rather than going all corporate this holiday season, check out some fine goods that Jared and I made ourselves. Everything that we sell at the Happy Gland Band online store was handmade with love (starting with our music).

We hand-screenprinted these thrifted ladies tees.

And these thrifted mens tees. (Also, kids shirts.)

And these tote bags!

And this is soap that I made with love. Love and essential oils.

And lip balm that I made with love! And natural ingredients.

And there’s more.

Sending lots of love your way this wintertime.

Independently yours,
Sage and Jared

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