Two weeks until my India trip! Thanks to you

sage harrington
Getting ready for India! Vaccinated and everything 😉

Two weeks from now, I’ll be on a plane headed to India! It’s getting real, in great part due to the help from my lovely friends who donated money to make this trip possible.

This is so amazing! I’ll be headed out to India to study with some really special Iyengar yoga teachers for three whole weeks.

Money raised:

$300 donated by a super-special friend, J. F. 8/18/16

$300 donated by an extra-generous individual, V. H. 8/26/16

$555 donated by someone super-special! J. T. 9/22/16

$50 donated by super sweetheart J. M. 9/28/16

$30 donated by sweet thing T. H. 10/3/16

$1000 donated by G. G. Wowza! 10/10/16

Goal reached!

$2235 of $2020

Click here to donate money and help send me to India!

Wow! Thank you so much for your help! I am so lucky <3

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