My First Year in Self-Employment

In this first year I’ve been self-employed, I started dating somebody amazingly wonderful, adopted a tiny dog, watched my cat slowly destroy the nicest piece of furniture I’ve ever purchased, and bought a soprano Martin ukulele that was made in the 19fucking20s. For reals. I’ve also been playing music as a duo with the aforementioned amazingly wonderful… Continue reading My First Year in Self-Employment

On DIY Videos

Here’s another Pyragraph blog of mine that was published almost a year ago. The topic: the musicbusinessy side of making goofy YouTube videos. I’ve been doing this thing lately: making little music videos and posting them on the internet. I am not a videographer. I have a tiny, consumer-grade digital camera. Up until last Friday, when I… Continue reading On DIY Videos

Finding Good Musician’s Career Advice Online: It Can Be Tough

Once again, I’m digging into my Pyragraph blog archives to share some indie-music-business-commentary. Here’s a post about, you know, fiding good career advice for musicians online. A lot of it is horribly written and condescending, but you can find good stuff if you Google hard enough. Warm Advice – Hard To Find? This is what I’m talking… Continue reading Finding Good Musician’s Career Advice Online: It Can Be Tough

And I’m Still Excited Today

In the summer of 2012 I learned about this fabulous band Pomplamoose and started seeing the music business in an entirely new way. Later that year, newly self-employed, I started blogging for the fledgling online magazine Pyragraph on having this career as a young musician. Here on my own blog I’d like to start featuring some of what I’ve… Continue reading And I’m Still Excited Today