And I’m Still Excited Today

In the summer of 2012 I learned about this fabulous band Pomplamoose and started seeing the music business in an entirely new way. Later that year, newly self-employed, I started blogging for the fledgling online magazine Pyragraph on having this career as a young musician. Here on my own blog I’d like to start featuring some of what I’ve written for Pyragraph.  I’d like to start with this. It’s something I wrote over a year ago, not too long after I learned about Pomplamoose. The way they’ve made their careers work totally blew my mind.

My Pomplamoose Revelation, or: Why It’s So Exciting To Be a Musician Today

A few months ago my sister introduced me to the music of this indie duo, Pomplamoose, and I freaked out. Here’s why: not only do I love their music, but I also love the way they’re making a living.

Here’s one of their most popular covers; it’s one you may have already heard.

Here’s what they do: they make videos of their recording process in their home studio, then post those videos to YouTube. (Recently they’ve started hiring filmmakers to take care of the video, but they still record the audio at home.) They make money because they sell the mp3s of almost everything they post to YouTube. Their songs have also been used on commercials and TV shows. They’ve never pressed a physical CD. They hardly do traditional live shows. They don’t tour.

So, why did I freak out? Now, having lived with this information for an entire summer and on into fall, their career seems completely normal to me, completely natural. Of course you can do things the Pomplamoose way! Why not make a living doing music online? There’s no reason you couldn’t do that! The reason I freaked out is that Pomplamoose completely shattered the idea I had about what it means to be a musician.

Here’s the traditional format as I understood it: As a musician you write songs and practice a lot, you get together with people and record a CD, you book a lot of shows in your town, you do shows in other towns. Eventually you can afford to hire a booking person. Maybe you even hire an agent or a manager. You live out of your car. You try to sell a lot of CDs and a lot of T-shirts. You tour a lot. It’s hard to have a cat or a garden because you’re away from home so much.

For some musicians, this is true. Last week I performed as Shannon McNally‘s opening act here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I live. She talked to me about how hard it is to tour constantly and be away from her four year old daughter (whose dad, rest assured, is taking good care of her at home in Mississippi). She advised me to do music, to do it and to love it — but if I could possibly imagine myself doing anything else, to cultivate that as well.

What Pomplamoose has helped me realize, though, is that a different kind of musical career path can be cultivated: one that may not require so much travel or time away from family (or, in my case, my cat). The thing is, it’s become unnecessary to adhere to any pre-formulated structure. You don’t necessarily have to tour. You can make a living out of videos on YouTube. There isn’t any single path to follow. That’s what makes it exciting. That’s what makes it terrifying at times. That’s what’s so freeing, and that’s what makes it so very wonderful to be doing what so many of us are doing, because now I realize that there are plenty of people doing music in this way.

Here’s one of my favorite original Pomplamoose songs.

Thanks, Pomplamoose, for showing me that the possibilities are endless. We’re all doing things our own way, but we’re not alone. Let’s learn from each other!

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Happy New Year From the Happy Gland Band

Happy New Year!

What’s your resolution?


Ours may have something to do with something to do about the obscene amount of Christmasy food (which is remarkably similar to Thanksgiving food, as we were told by a couple observant children) we’ve been shoving down our gullets. We made creamed spinach and delicious carrots and green bean casserole and buttermilk roast chicken (instead of this) and of course had the obligatory cream and butter soaked mashed potatoes and gravy and I haven’t even mentioned the cookies yet. There were four different types of cookies (cinnamon starscrescents I filled with this local jamcookies that tasted like eggnog, and cookies that looked like pretzels but tasted like those danish butter cookies from those festive tins). You may have noticed that approximately all of those links link to Smitten Kitchen recipes, and that I may just in fact have a bit of a Smitten Kitchen obsession (along with the butter obsession that has clearly already been established), and you would be correct on both counts.

I guess it’s time to bring on the kale. Bring on the kale. (I put the kale, nestled in layers of egg and cheese and buttery pastry, in this quiche-like dish yesterday. This kale shall cleanse me.) And that was before I made these peanut butter brownies last night. I may have a problem. The problem is, Smitten Kitchen is only exacerbating that problem, and that problem is too joy-filled to consider all that problematic.

Last Year, We Did Some Cool Stuff

And by last year, I mean a couple weeks ago

The unimaginably lovely Meredith Wilder and I appeared on our friend Chris’s internet radio show 10 Drink Minimum a couple weeks ago. It was our first time singing together (you know, in front of people on a stage and stuff) and I can’t wait for us to do more! Ach, I can’t even describe how much fun it was to sing with her.

After that, Jared and I took off to Tucson where we played (pooches in tow, of course) at Sabine’s Cafe PasseDavid Scott Moyer was kind enough to take these photos:

And Here Comes January

And all the shows we managed to fit in it

Friday, January 3, 10:00 p.m., Blackbird Buvette, Albuquerque, NM
a Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band show

Saturday, January 4, 11:00-1:00, Zendo, Albuquerque, NM
a Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band show

Friday, January 10, 2:00 p.m., Old Town Gazebo for ComicCon, Albuquerque, NM
a Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band show


Happy New Year once again. Let’s start this thing off right: with buttery wintery comfort foods. With some kale in them, for balance.

Foodie-ily yours,

Post-Turkey-Binge CD-Buying Blowout Bonanza


This is a day where you maybe stuff a turkey, then stuff yourself. This is a day when we, the members of the Happy Gland Band, travel to do family stuff. This is also a day where we will most certainly not pressure you to BUY BUY BUY. We will not suggest you send an email over to sageharrington {at} gmail {dot} com, and we will most certainly not dangle the carrot of FREE SHIPPING to entice you to do so.

We would do nothing so crass. Not on this day of Thanksgiving. Not on the eve of this most Capitalist-friendly of seasons.

We also wouldn’t mention that our BRAND NEW CD, the fabulous and critically acclaimed Flooded Away, is priced at an UNBELIEVABLY AFFORDABLE $15, and that we’ll ship it to you for FREE FREE FREE.

But if you did want to send us an email ((sageharrington {at} gmail {dot} com)) we certainly wouldn’t advise against that, either.

Thankfully yours,
Sage and Jared


November News

Sage and Jared and soap and tote bag.

Jared Putnam and I, as I may have mentioned once or twice or a few times before, had a party a couple weeks ago (for our brand-new, baby-fresh, super soft, extra delicious CD).

Please enjoy this here photo essay – it tells of how our last couple weeks have been. Fun, full of music, and full of moving boxes.

Up the Holler at our party.
You can buy these at our shows.
Laundry time at CD release.
Table of merchandise and pilsner.
Instrument pile of doom.

After the party, we moved across town. This place is full of boxes and instruments. We don’t even know what to do with them all. They’re all hanging out in a giant pile in the music room, which is not functioning as a music room quite yet – only as a sort of island of mostly unusable space. I think we have a problem.

Also, I have unspeakable ukulele lust. Please, no one let me buy another ukulele. Remind me of the ukulele pile, please. Please. Try harder, it’s not working, because I’m going out later to (maybe) buy another ukulele. A tenor, I don’t have one of those yet.

Then Jared went to Kazakhstan to play dirty filthy mangy jazz with his band. I didn’t go to Kazakhstan. I took a walk with tiny wild bosque dogs.








The premiere review of our premiere disc

Sage and Jared “inhabit a childlike bubble of boundless make-believe…” And we are “children playing at fantastic worlds of their own imagining…” And we are either “charmingly peculiar” or “peculiarly charming!” Ah, Mr. Mel Minter, thank you for writing such a lovely review of our duo’s first CD.

The review lives here at Mr. Mel (previously of the Alibi) Minter’s website.

happy gland discs and george michael

Fantastically Fabulous Fundraising Fling for Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band’s first record, “Flooded Away”

It’s happening Sun Sept 29 from 3:00-6:00 p.m. at Hyder Park.

Yes, it’s true. Sage and Jared will be hosting a flipping phenomenally fun family-friendly afternoon in the park in anticipation of our first recording as a duo.

We’ve been working on this record all summer long, and now while we wait for its imminent pressing into metal-coated plastic discs , we’re throwing a wildly wondrous wacky family-friendly party in the park with all our wherewithal.

For the pictorally challenged:
Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band will host a fantastically fabulous fundraising fling in anticipation of their first record, “Flooded Away.” You are cordially invited to attend, Sunday September 29, at Hyder Park, 3:00-6:00 p.m.
music! dining! dancing! dye-your-dog!

Please join us for:

CD pre-orders!
new songs from (ah, but of course!) Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band!
dance by Sweet Jubilee!
music by BaBa!

delicious supper by the Supper Truck!
delicious crepes by the Boiler Monkey!
dye-your-dog and PupTats!
kids’ art table provided by Harwood Arts Center!
giant jenga!
hula-hooping! (BYO hula hoop)

(Here lies the Facebook event link for this shindig.)

Bring your kids, codfish, and dogs! Bring your phenomenally phantastic park-enjoying parents, patrons, and people in your periphery! Bring your weather vanes and walrus pups!

Also, we can take pre-orders of the CD through the new online store, yes. 

I’m in the process of re-building this website. This includes things like uploading pictures of Happy Gland Band stickers into the interweb’s ether and hoping they come through the other side of the computer screen alright. Usually they do, but sometimes you gotta do some pixel shuffling.

So, like I was sayin’, we can totally take pre-orders of “Flooded Away” online. Here. We’ll be happy to save you a copy. Because we’re really, really excited about this.

See ya soon.

Feeling phenomenally yours,

A new recording in the works

That’s right, folks. Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band is making a record, in the midst of summer fun time, swimming pool time, sunblock application, gardening, driving all across town like crazy people, and collecting more ukuleles, namely, a vintage Martin uke from the ’20’s (seriously? can’t believe it) that now holds the only ukulele-shaped space in my heart. Yes, a ukulele that’s four times as old as me will appear on our first recording as a duo, whoa.

I feel like it’s worth mentioning that I’ve been having some internetual difficulties, which explains why this site is but a skeleton of what it once was. Ah, technology! How does thou torment me! Anyhow, I made a shows page, so you can see some shows. I also made a Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band page, so you can see what that’s all about. There’s also a place where you can contact me. And that about covers that.

Technologically-challenged-ly yours,