Blackbird – ukulele cover

Taking the morning walk with the dogs, I had no idea what song I was going to record today. Then I passed by someone’s apartment and through the screen door was blasting Paul McCartney’s sweet voice singing the last verse of this tune and I knew that’s the song I wanted to do today. It was such a magical moment, still cool, shady, quiet and serene, such a treat to share such a beloved song on the sidewalk during this strange weird heartbreaking time.

I feel strange about doing Beatles covers. I so often want to sing these songs that are so dear to me but I hardly ever want to listen to someone else’s rendition of them, opting instead for the original recordings. But I love this version that I cobbled together from my favorite bits and pieces of various ukulele arrangements I found in videos online over the years. Would anyone be interested in the tabs for something like this? I would be willing to consider drawing them up if there’s interest.

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