Behind-The-Scenes Costuming Adventures of DEAD SLOTH: A photo essay

Sage Harrington - Happy Gland Band
Sage Harrington - Happy Gland Band
What can’t you do with an Ariel wig? Well, eat. It’s far too cumbersome. But you can take a mighty satifyingly blurry photo.

Last Friday Jared and I emerged shivering from the Happy Gland Band dirigible, cursing the fact that we had once again forgotten that the fabric covering of our airship provides poor insulation against the chilliness of Hallow’s Eve eve night. We shook it off, though—we’re not ones to whine and complain that a cruel draft had slipped in through the beaded curtain that separates the dirigible’s expansive kitchen from the sleeping area, and down into our toes through the avocado green comforter that covers our bed.

Rather than shiver like nervous chihuahuas, we got out into the sun and started hatching video-making plans for the song we had recorded the previous evening.

Sage Harrington - Dead Sloth - Happy Gland Band

And now, for some behind-the-scenes costuming action, or A Dead Sloth Photo Essay:

Jared Putnam - Happy Gland Band
A sexy man-lady in a sexy winter fur-lined hooded mini-coat-dress.
Jared Putnam - Happy Gland Band
Oh, Christina Aguilera! How my heart pitter patters for your sultry gazes.
Sage Harrington - Eric the Squash - Happy Gland Band
Eric the winter squash holds a special place in our Halloween hearts.
Jared Putnam - Happy Gland Band
Everyone knows a blue suit goes best with a red merkin.
Jared Putnam - Happy Gland Band
Something’s awry—he’s wearing the tutu upside down. Drat! If only we had noticed, this wouldn’t be so horribly embarassing.
Shaved Sage Harrington - Happy Gland Band
Oh, and we had shaved my head that morning.
Sage Harrington - Happy Gland Band
You can shave a lady’s head, but you can’t take away her pink hair. Proof.

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