Beautiful Dreamer – a Stephen Foster song on ukulele

Recently I arranged Beautiful Dreamer, a song that is over 150 years old, for ukulele. Stephen Foster wrote it – the sheet music was published posthumously and sold as the last song he ever wrote. But I don’t have anything else to say about that right now, because:

What is the deal with the mockery of justice that is the acquittal of Breonna Taylor’s murderers? Okay, I know, it’s our deeply racist system. Let’s change it, alright? White people: we have to educate ourselves and unlearn racism. We have to convince enough white people to change the racist structures that are continuously killing people of color with impunity. We have to vote. We have to change the laws. We have to change our social systems. We have to make sure that poor people are supported, that everyone has access to health care, that people have dignity and respect and are safe to sleep in their beds at night. We have to treat people of color as humans whose lives matter. And one more thing, we have to stop sterilizing women of color.


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