Sage Harrington

Whoa, there, summer. Lemme catch my breath! First, the Happy Gland Band is playing at Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro tonight. And Greg Williams (of Wildewood, holy shit!) is playing with us. YAY! This will be the first time, ever, that the HGB plays as something other than a duo. We’ll be there 8-11 tonight.

Sage Harrington - Shannon Curtis

Next, Pyragraph welcomes the lovely Shannon Curtis this Friday in a “house” concert we’re hosting (it’s not at a house, it’s at The Kosmos, 7pm—also just note HGB is not playing this, Shannon is, totally a good thing). Friends, I’m telling you, Shannon is amazing! One of her videos went viral this spring (it’s called “I Know, I Know”), she’s written a fabulously helpful book on how to successfully do house concert touring, and she’s just the nicest lady I’ve met on the internet. I can’t wait to meet her in person. If you want to come to the show—and I really, really think you should!—please reply/RSVP/please: gland@sageharrington.com

Lastly, we’re currently hosting almost thirty very cute and very smelly baby chickens in our home. You should hear the ruckus they make when the cat sits on their wire mesh top-of-the-cage bit and stares them down (it’s loud). You should see how many tiny chicken crumbles they can eat with their tiny beaks. And you should see the way they snuggle. Also, you should see how gnarly their little home gets so soon after cleaning—anyone want to come over?

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