On Maggots and Music Boxes, Among Other Things

Here at the Happy Gland Ranch, things are getting interesting in the compost pile. We’ve been feeding chickens obscenely disgusting (or exceedingly delicious, depending upon whose perspective we’re dealing with) maggots from the compost pile. We draw them out with halves of (sadly) rotten melons (yes, we’ve had more than one of those, recently, sigh), […]

The Joy of Taking Breaks and Learning Something New

Due to the crappy way I’ve been feeling lately (as discussed previously) I needed, just needed, to do something real. Something, er, analog. Something that did not involve pixels. Something that did not involve booking underpaying shows that I would struggle to get through. I wanted to do real things with my real muscles, so I […]

Announcing Duopalooza!

You are cordially invited to DUOPALOOZA! It’s true; it’s a thing. It’s Albuquerque’s favorite (and only) music fest of duos. And it’s happening Sunday June 8, 1:00-9:00pm, at Marble Brewery. Here’s the deal: the Happy Gland Band noticed that something was awry in the land. The cosmos were astir, our chakras were imbalanced, the Happy Gland Dirigible listed […]