Cyclone — a new song about white privilege and racial injustice

sage harrington - cyclone

I wrote this song after learning about the murder of Philando Castile. Horribly enough, there have been so many other shootings of brown and black people by police since his death at the beginning of July. This isn’t necessarily news to brown and black folks, I hear, but it was news to me as an ignorant haver-of-white-privilege.

Here’s the Guardian’s ever-lengthening list of the folks who have been killed by police so far this year.

Send Sage to India!

sage harrington

sage harrington

Yoga adventures await! Now I need to pay for them.

I have this really great opportunity to go to India for an intensive 3 week long yoga workshop this November, and I’m so excited about it!

I recently completed yoga teacher training at High Desert Yoga here in Albuquerque—it was such a rewarding process. I’ve been teaching yoga classes (come have fun yoga times with me, btw) and have really been enjoying learning more about yoga, my body, and how postural and anatomical function can deeply affect the emotional body and overall well-being.

When my friend and yoga teacher, the lovely Avery Kalapa, was accepted to this really special yoga course in Dehradun, India, I figured I’d apply too. I wasn’t necessarily expecting to be accepted to the program, so I was very suprised and delighted to get the acceptance letter from the Yog-Ganga Centre For Yoga Studies.

Please help send me to India!

While the program itself is pretty affordable for me, the plane tickets aren’t really! If you can, please donate to send me on my merry way to India!

sage harrington

sage harrington

Iyengar-aligned training

One of the reasons I’m so excited to study with Rajiv Chanchani this November at the Yog-Ganga Centre—along with the fact that he is a knowledgeable and revered yoga teacher—is that he has worked closely with BKS Iyengar, who has been credited with bringing yoga to the west.

BKS Iyengar has an amazing story—he struggled with illness as a child but started practicing yoga and received many health benefits from the practice. He taught many people the discipline of yoga during his lifetime and is revered in the yoga world.

I am so looking forward to deeping my yoga practice through the lens of an Iyengar-aligned yoga course held in India, a place I’ve never been to, and I am so excited to visit. Here are some photos of Dehradun, where the Yog-Ganga Centre is located.

sage harrington

Agenda/how I’ll be spending my time in India:

We’ll begin our journey to India on November 1st and return to the US at the end of the month. We’ve (my yoga and travel buddy Avery and I) have included a few buffer days in our plans to allow for time to adjust to jet lag and see some of New Delhi before our return!

Housing: Rajiv and Swati Chanchani, who own and run the Yog-Ganga Centre, have made arrangements with families who live near the Centre. So I’ll be the guest of a nearby family who will house and feed me for about a month, for a small fee. I’m so excited about—among a bunch of other exciting new experiences I’ll have—enjoying a lot of delicious homemade food while I’m there.

I’ll be attending two hours of asana (yoga posture) intruction each morning, with two hours of pranayama (breath work) or lecture in the evening. The Yog-Ganga course includes 22 lessons in asana-pranayama (42 hours) and three lectures (3 hours).

During the day I’ll have plenty of time to practice yoga and integrate all the fascinating things I’ll be learning. Also, there’s a library on site which I imagine is filled with fascinating reading about yoga practice and yoga philosophy. Not to mention sight-seeing and enjoying the fact that I’ll be in India!

I’ll also definitely be bringing my ukulele and plan on practicing a bunch and writing a lot of songs. 😉

sage harrington

I’m raising funds for this special trip:

The cost breakdown:

$300—3-week long yoga course at Yog-Ganga Centre!
$1240—plane tickets from Albuquerque to Dehradun, India
$300—housing (about $10/day!)
~$120—food for the month (anywhere from $1.50 to $10/day)
~$60—Visa fee

Total cost of trip: $2020

Click here to donate money and help send me to India!

I am so excited to take this yoga course and would so appreciate your help getting me there.

sage harrington

Money raised so far:

$300 donated by a super-special friend, J. F. 8/18/16

$300 donated by an extra-generous individual, V. H. 8/26/16

$555 donated by someone super-special! J. T. 9/22/16

$50 donated by super sweetheart J. M. 9/28/16

$30 donated by sweet thing T. H. 10/3/16

$1235 of $2020

***update 9/22/16: Thank you so much for your help!  I’m so happy that the funds for this trip are coming together, it’s really helping to put my mind at ease. I’ve never taken a long international trip like this and taking a whole month away from making money seems a bit crazy on the surface. I wouldn’t be able to do this without you. Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3

sage harrington

I’ve never done anything like this before!

This is the first time I’ve planned a trip overseas. I’ve never been to India before and can’t wait to explore this special part of the world, while immersing myself in a rigorous, intensive yoga course. I hear from folks that have taken the course before, that the way Rajiv teaches has changed the reason they practice yoga. This is bound to be a paradigm-shifting trip.

If you have questions, email me or ask in the comments below 🙂

Please help me pay for this really special trip and yoga course if you can—I’d so appreciate it!




Sage has a big ABQ show coming up: Art of the Song!

sage harrington - annachristie

Yes, indeed! Later this month I’ll appear at the Art of the Song Coffee house here in Albuquerque with three other fabulous singer-songwriters. After that the show will air on the nationally syndicated radio show, Art of the Song!

For reals!

The first episode of Art of the Song I ever heard featured one of my favorite bands (and they happen to live right here in town), The Handsome Family. Ever since then I’ve wanted to be featured on this classy show that’s based right here in Albuquerque.

No joke!

So join us Sunday July 24 at the Art of the Song Coffeehouse and performance space. It’ll be a lovely, cozy show! Plus it’ll be the first time I’ll be featured on a nationally syndicated public radio show. (!) My thanks to Kristina Jacobsen, who’s organizing this thing, and to John and Viv, who run the radio show and the Art of the Song performance space.


While you wait for that, enjoy a watch of one of our favorite videos that is enjoying a bit of a resurgence on facebook right now for some reason.

In the meantime, Jared and I are still at work on our album FROM THE FUTURE…TURE…ture…ture…

Lots of love and see you soon!


You Won’t See Me—a new video! It’s a BEATLES cover!

Last week Jared and I had the most fun we’ve ever had making a music video. I mean, we didn’t even argue about one little bit of the process, not even once! It was amazing.

We premiered the video yesterday on Pyragraph, where I included some hard-won tips on how to make a video efficiently (without arguing). And the thing has already received over 1500 views on facebook!

Eeep, it’s so exciting. I hope you like it. You can watch it on YouTube over here:


(((here is a link to our Patreon page, where you can give us money for each cool video we make)))
(((here is a link to where you can buy this song on bandcamp)))
(((((((here is a big fat hug from Jared and me)))))))

Sage Harrington

Whoa, there, summer. Lemme catch my breath! First, the Happy Gland Band is playing at Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro tonight. And Greg Williams (of Wildewood, holy shit!) is playing with us. YAY! This will be the first time, ever, that the HGB plays as something other than a duo. We’ll be there 8-11 tonight.

Sage Harrington - Shannon Curtis

Next, Pyragraph welcomes the lovely Shannon Curtis this Friday in a “house” concert we’re hosting (it’s not at a house, it’s at The Kosmos, 7pm—also just note HGB is not playing this, Shannon is, totally a good thing). Friends, I’m telling you, Shannon is amazing! One of her videos went viral this spring (it’s called “I Know, I Know”), she’s written a fabulously helpful book on how to successfully do house concert touring, and she’s just the nicest lady I’ve met on the internet. I can’t wait to meet her in person. If you want to come to the show—and I really, really think you should!—please reply/RSVP/please:

Lastly, we’re currently hosting almost thirty very cute and very smelly baby chickens in our home. You should hear the ruckus they make when the cat sits on their wire mesh top-of-the-cage bit and stares them down (it’s loud). You should see how many tiny chicken crumbles they can eat with their tiny beaks. And you should see the way they snuggle. Also, you should see how gnarly their little home gets so soon after cleaning—anyone want to come over?

Dudes, we are getting ready for one big weekend.

Sage Harrington - Sage and Jared's Happy Gland Band

*deep breath*

Tomorrow before the Happy Gland Band heads over to the Albuquerque Folk Festival, we’ll do a music and storytime session with the lovely Laurie Magovern at the Lomas and Tramway Library. Then, back to the Balloon Fiesta Park for what will be a full day of fabulous folk music—we play at 4:30, inside the museum—culminating in what I’m most excited about seeing: a performance from The Handsome Family.

Then on Sunday we’ll hang out on Marble Brewery’s shady patio all afternoon and into the evening for Duopalooza! A full day of duos, ranging from duos who sing songs with emotions in them, to goofy duos, to raucous kickass duos, to duos that make a lot of fuckin’ noise.

And on Monday Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band is moving down the road! We’ve put most of our crap into boxes, I think, and made some pretty extensive lists of things to do which definitely won’t get done within the next few days. Ah, such is the way of life for musicians in the summer.

Not even panicking a little bit-ily yours,

DUOPALOOZA! Sage Harrington - Sage and Jared's Happy Gland Band

Video of Sage’s set opening for Nellie McKay, plus somuchnews.

Sage and Jared's Happy Gland Band - Sage Harrington

Last week was the culmination of something that, as you may have noticed on social media, I had been freaking out about for weeks. I was a total disaster! I opened for Nellie McKay at the Outpost (and—spoiler alert—it was amazing, so much fun). But I was really nervous leading up to it. I begged Neal Copperman (of AMP Concerts) to let me do it. And he did! I couldn’t believe it. I just let myself get so amped up (an appropriate reaction, based on the name of the promoter, yes?) in anticipation of the show.

I really love playing at the Outpost. People were so responsive and kind and warm and lovely and laughed at my awkward jokes and it was a really great, energizing experience. Ahhhh, when can we do the next one, Neal? 😉

Jared, lovely man that he is, set up the tripod and our nice camera and recorded my set. And it’s up on YouTube now!

Sage Harrington - Nellie McKay

Another thing that added to my recent amped-up nervous stressfest is that Jared Putnam and I will be moving across town soon! We’re so not ready yet. We need more boxes and more newspaper and probably more mojitos to make all the stuff go into all of the correct receptacles.

Here’s a cool thing: the place we’re moving to has a yard that the chickens (ooh and the people, too!) will be able to hang out in, which will just be such an improvement. A great feature. Right now they spend their days in the neighbor’s abandoned lot, and while we’re grateful for that and all, we’ve never felt compelled to make some sort of rum and limeade drink and hang out in the neighbor’s abandonded lot to watch the chickens peck at things. #it’sahardknocklifeforus <—privilege

So, come June 8 we’ll be sweaty and hauling stuff up 8th street and just wishing we were still putting stuff into all the boxes, drinking the mojitos. (By the way, here is a nice mojito recipe, in podcast form.)

And after that we’ll be able to make something of the new songs we’ve been promising to you. Shhh: we’ve started recording new things! And the first mix sounds so exciting!

Ah… and now that I’m emotionally ready to talk about it, Jared Israel Putnam​ and I attempted to shoot a music video today but our attempts were futile at best. We encountered problems: the sun shining, the wind blowing, the dust storms. Rain. Hissy fits (mine). Oh, and cops. We were afraid of the cops potentially talking to us. Going out into the world to shoot a music video? Not always a pursuit with the most predictable outcomes. So we’ll wait until after the sweaty moving day to try once more.

But today wasn’t totally lost. Jared Putnam gave me a haircut with the dog clippers again, which was exciting at first, terrifying in the middle, then proved to be one of the best things that happened today. I tried to take a good selfie but abandoned that pursuit as well so just suffice it to say that I’m basically Pink now and will soon have no choice but to perform at the Grammys, simultaneously singing and doing aerials. #nextvideo

Ahhhh, I just can’t wait to share the new music with you. But we gotta pack these boxes first.

With love and fruity rum drinks,
Sage xoxo

New video for “ZANZIBAR!” plus exciting Patreon news!

A couple weeks ago Jared and I made a dance video for ZANZIBAR! And there it is.

And somehow, magically, a bunch of lovely people are giving us a total of almost $160 per music video we make on our Patreon page. This is just huge. I mean, this is a significant amount of money for us and I just can’t even believe that this Patreon thing is working. Just know this…there was lots of happy crying happening last week when I realized that this number, $159.11, wasn’t a big mistake and that I can relax at least a little bit about paying rent within the next couple days. Oh, and spend my time on this blog post, and editing another video, rather than applying for a job at a coffeeshop, as a friend urged me to do last week (which I was considering doing for the course of an evening).

And now I must get back to work editing what is my favorite Happy Gland video we’ve made so far. But not before I pet this cat.

Plimothy Danderfield Ortega - Sage and Jared's Happy Gland Band

And a sneek peek of videos to come!

Sage and Jared's Happy Gland BandSage and Jared's Happy Gland BandSage and Jared's Happy Gland Band - Soap Floats