Cyclone — a new song about white privilege and racial injustice

I wrote this song after learning about the murder of Philando Castile. Horribly enough, there have been so many other shootings of brown and black people by police since his death at the beginning of July. This isn’t necessarily news to brown and black folks, I hear, but it was news to me as an ignorant haver-of-white-privilege. Here’s the […]

Sage has a big ABQ show coming up: Art of the Song!

Yes, indeed! Later this month I’ll appear at the Art of the Song Coffee house here in Albuquerque with three other fabulous singer-songwriters. After that the show will air on the nationally syndicated radio show, Art of the Song! For reals! The first episode of Art of the Song I ever heard featured one of my favorite […]

You Won’t See Me—a new video! It’s a BEATLES cover!

Last week Jared and I had the most fun we’ve ever had making a music video. I mean, we didn’t even argue about one little bit of the process, not even once! It was amazing. We premiered the video yesterday on Pyragraph, where I included some hard-won tips on how to make a video efficiently (without […]

Whoa, there, summer. Lemme catch my breath! First, the Happy Gland Band is playing at Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro tonight. And Greg Williams (of Wildewood, holy shit!) is playing with us. YAY! This will be the first time, ever, that the HGB plays as something other than a duo. We’ll be there 8-11 tonight. […]

Dudes, we are getting ready for one big weekend.

*deep breath* Tomorrow before the Happy Gland Band heads over to the Albuquerque Folk Festival, we’ll do a music and storytime session with the lovely Laurie Magovern at the Lomas and Tramway Library. Then, back to the Balloon Fiesta Park for what will be a full day of fabulous folk music—we play at 4:30, inside […]

Video of Sage’s set opening for Nellie McKay, plus somuchnews.

Last week was the culmination of something that, as you may have noticed on social media, I had been freaking out about for weeks. I was a total disaster! I opened for Nellie McKay at the Outpost (and—spoiler alert—it was amazing, so much fun). But I was really nervous leading up to it. I begged […]