Doing the Work You Want to Do: The Struggles of a Young Freelance/Self-Employed Person

A couple weeks ago I realized something, and it has since made me a very Grumpy Sally indeed. This is what’s happening: my work life involves running around town to spend a couple hours doing some form of work to receive wages per job that could get me less than one oil change or approximately […]

Interview with Tonya Kay: Practical, important advice for performers on privacy and safely interacting with fans

Not too long ago I met the lovely Tonya Kay in person, when she last performed in my town with the burlesque group, The Lalas. Guys, I’m totally starstruck. I’m telling you, Tonya Kay is the fucking bomb: She’s funny, engaging, super-talented, motivated, on the ball, open, energetic, really friendly. (Not to mention, she blogs […]

What Shaving My Head Has Taught Me About Gender, Bravery, and Sexism

People keep telling me I’m brave for having shaved my head. Thank you, really, but—what? Brave—that’s the same word we use to describe people who run into burning buildings to save baskets of kittens or a perhaps a half-eaten sleeve of Oreos. Me? I’m just a girl who had her boyfriend take a dog grooming kit to […]

Coffee Ice Cream (Recipe!) and the magic of technology

“Jared Putnam,” I said above the comforting sound of an ancient whirring motor, “look at how technology is improving our lives!” No longer would I spend hours sweating over a cold hand-crank ice cream maker. No, no longer! Life is a breeze now thanks to our brand-new Procter-Silex ice cream maker from the 1960s that […]

You Don’t Know Jack Shit About Auditioning: What I Learned When I Auditioned for ‘American Idol’

Originally published at Pyragraph. I’m not sure if the internet needs my American Idol audition story. (This American Idol audition story already lives online, after all.) I don’t know if you need me to recount a day I spent mostly standing in a line that was not as long as it would have been in, say, […]

On Maggots and Music Boxes, Among Other Things

Here at the Happy Gland Ranch, things are getting interesting in the compost pile. We’ve been feeding chickens obscenely disgusting (or exceedingly delicious, depending upon whose perspective we’re dealing with) maggots from the compost pile. We draw them out with halves of (sadly) rotten melons (yes, we’ve had more than one of those, recently, sigh), […]

The Joy of Taking Breaks and Learning Something New

Due to the crappy way I’ve been feeling lately (as discussed previously) I needed, just needed, to do something real. Something, er, analog. Something that did not involve pixels. Something that did not involve booking underpaying shows that I would struggle to get through. I wanted to do real things with my real muscles, so I […]

White Imperialist Racism And Eyeglasses I Do Not Need

This is a blog post wherein I attempt to deconstruct the anxiety I feel about white imperialist racism and the purchase of new eyeglasses I do not need. I recently finished up reading Inga Muscio’s Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil: My Life and Times in a Racist, Imperialist Society. I think everyone should read this […]