Two more new videos

Here be two more videos from this FUNADAY experiment I most ill-advisedly got myself into. The first is one I wrote about the amazing wonders of amazingly wonderful Irish cheese. The second contains a suggestion that once you grate the cheese, it would be best to wash the grater immediately to save yourself heartache. The song is basically a meditation on dishtopia.

Buy this song on Bandcamp.

And hell, why not this one too?

Altitude Airs

And now for something completely different! A video about airplanes and the people who ride on them. Ride in them? Sit in them? Fly them? No, fly on them? As they hurtle through space at mind-bending speeds? Yes, that. All of those. It’s about all those things.

This is a downloadable song. See?

FUNADAYS: Songs of Dogs and Kittens

Fun-A-Day continues: This first song is dedicated to the cat-crap munching chihuahua I still let sleep in my bed for some reason. Beware: there’s gross pet owner on pet love, here, despite the pet-fueled resentment against said pet. Second one contains a song called Kitten’s Tiny Hiss and some misadventures in delicious caramel sauce making. Beware: you’ll see no food porn here in my kitchen, just on the computer screen.

You can download George Michael’s Song here.


You can download Kitten’s Tiny Hiss here.

Here They Are, More Fruits of Recording Labors

Today: more new video uploads from a crazy person. (Hey, that’s me!) I’ve been visiting the rattatorium every day for four days since the start of this project, and is this all I have to show for it? Yes, why yes, I believe it would be.

This is a downloadable thing.

This is downloadable, too.

The first is yet another waltz. The second is not so much a song with lyrics, as a list of things that spark up the nostalgia, set to music. There shall be more tomorrow, if all goes well. Muah! And nighty night.

Fun-A-Day: This Is the Beginning

This is a project that involves 31 days of creation, starting today. I saw the notification posted on the social media machine and got to work thirty minutes later. I dove in: I’ve chosen to make videos of songs I’ve written.

Here’s the first, a song called Roaches, Spiders, and Weevils (and I’m scared scared scared about the other 30). Here’s to fear!

This song is downloadable here.